Mark And James: Separated At Birth?

There is nothing wrong with holding your hands up and saying ‘ look guys, i have very little idea about blah blah subject’ because people will respect you for it and even offer to help you.

But what both Mark Vaughn and James Packer have in common, is their ability to claim to be ‘coders’ when in actual fact, they are both clueless about what they actually claim to be experts at.

First of, lets take a classic quote from Packer. What a plonker this guy is LOL


James Packer -  wordpress is buggy and expensive



Is this guy real? WordPress plugins are buggy?

Lets take a look at some stats about WordPress, as of July 2016

Percentage of Websites globally that use WordPress:


Number of posts that have been written with WordPress:

2.5 Billion

*up to 26 June 2015

Number of comments left on WordPress sites:

3 Billion

*up to 26 June 2015

Number of new WordPress websites added daily:


*up to 14th March 2015

Number of people who view WordPress blogs monthly:

409 Million

*up to 29 June 2016

Number of page views on WordPress blogs monthly:

22.3 Billion

*up to 29th June 2016

Stats from here

But yeah, WordPress and it’s plugins are buggy lol.

not to mention pricey”

Does this dude not realise that WordPress and it’s plugins are free?

Just how pricey can it be, when it costs you £0?

Next, we have Mark Vaughn, his Mother, and some strange, to say the least, comments.

Scruffy -  we ignore the trolls4

Mark is re-coding the video player?


Now that’s odd, because the new video player that Mark has been testing, and is over the moon with, see here:

Mark Vaughn -  new video software

Is in actual fact, a code that was already written, and is being used by Mark, from here

Marks new video code

That’s right, the master ‘code monkey’ is once again trawling GitHub for a working RTMP video software, and will no doubt, once again, claim he wrote his site from ‘scratch’  and he’s spent weeks on ‘coding’ his new video player.

But hey, what do we know 😉

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