AdamBro: My Girlfriends Don’t Like Oral

There is never a dull moment in the life of Adam. From hand rearing baby Tigers to being kidnapped and raped by obsessive ex’s.

But after the usual male testosterone induced “my c*ck is bigger than your c*ck bragging, the conversation turned to what is probably the strangest thing i’ve ever heard, even for Adam!

I’ve been thinking about this all day, because i was trying to think of just 1 woman i have been with in the past, that didn’t like receiving oral sex?

Giving it, yes!

Receiving it??????

So i’ve come to two conclusions.

  1. All his ex girlfriends were dirty skanks who’s loveboat stank like a busy Saturday morning fish market;
  2. ¬†Adam’s ex’s were in fact pre-op Transgenders and didn’t want to give the game away.


Either way, if i ever came across a woman who didn’t want me to go down on her, i would be worrying straight away dude!









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2 Thoughts to “AdamBro: My Girlfriends Don’t Like Oral”

  1. usually when a woman have an aversion to receiving oral sex it’s a past trauma issue. One girl I know doesn’t like receiving oral sex. She said this is what her abuser did to her when she was little. As an adult it causes her problems

  2. Fat Denny

    Oh the lulz, Adam has a fan ! or did Adam make this ? look on youtube for “Adambroke – Blogtv – Fuck the haters”

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