SexyChris: Time For A Change

Is it possible to go through a mid life crisis at 29? I mean, that is what usually makes men suddenly want to start changing their appearance, or buying sports cars etc.

But then again this is Chris, and when a free case of Stella is mentioned, there isn’t much that he wouldn’t do for a free beer or two.

** All Credit To The Maze For The Following Video:

I like the way he wears gloves to stop the dye going everywhere, then uses his mouse and keyboard while still wearing them LOL.

Good old Chris 🙂




4 Thoughts to “SexyChris: Time For A Change”

  1. Charles Lee Ray

    Barrow in Furness has its own Chucky now all we need is Tiffany aka Angel to become his Bride.

  2. banepwns

    where is he streaming now – its time to give a good old poke

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