Good To See Joker444 Is Well And Healthy

There’s nothing like the build up to Christmas. Frosty mornings, decorations going up, and the unforgettable sound of when you have got the sh*ts!

You shouldn’t laugh at others peoples illnesses, me especially, as i’m only just getting over a heavy cold i’ve not been able to shift for the last 10 days.

But when the poor person is live on cam, and you can clearly see they are about to sh*t themselves, you can’t help but have a little giggle 🙂


UPDATE: Joker successfully emptied the contents of his bowels and returned to VL 15 minutes later, as fit as a fiddle.



2 Thoughts to “Good To See Joker444 Is Well And Healthy”

  1. Rockinron

    Shit happens

  2. jokerkofmisfits

    lol it;s called acid build up in my gut but nice ta see i’m still worth stalkin

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