FoxmanShawn – Sacked For Being Racist

It’s been a long time since we featured Foxmaaannshawwwn.

Is he still drunk? Of course!

Is he still off his tits? Of course!

Is he still getting sacked from jobs? Do bears sh*t in the woods?

This time, he apparently loses his job for being racist. Foxmanshawn…THE Foxmanshawn…racist?

*Video Courtesy Of Fox:

I’m not one for giving people advice, but Fox, maybe…just maybe, if you are trying to save your job by denying claims made that you are racist, it’s not wise to say things like this:


Next he’ll be saying that women who wear burka’s look like bank robbers and letter boxes…


















4 Thoughts to “FoxmanShawn – Sacked For Being Racist”

  1. i swear too god foxman is stupidier than monkeysniffer.

  2. Mully

    Fauxman, it don’t matter what job you go to next, there are enough videos saved of you being a racist that I can send to all your future employers.

  3. shannon

    Mully ya rat you

  4. Joe Walsh

    Keep Your enemies close Shawn. and ban everyone else. good boy

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