Jstevieo Speaks – Hypocrisy As Per

The problem with years of consuming various class A drugs, is that eventually, it destroys your brain cells to the stage where you become a babbling vegetable.

And there is no better example of this than when Stevie cams up.

We could make at least another two posts just from this one cast, such was the hypocrisy and confusion in his claims.

But here is a couple of perfect examples of the damaging effects that prolonged abuse of heroin and crack cocaine do to the mind of a human being:

This is typical JSO.  As you can see, he was clearly having a great time watching this “vulnerable young man” destroy his phone, even going as far as to say, and i quote “smash the fucker up kid”.

Yet, it’s as if he has no recollection of the wonderful time he had at Chris’ ‘treatment’ on Ivlog. Lets not forget, he was harassing Chris so much on there, that he was warned on at least two separate occasions by a Moderator that if he continued the harassment, he would lose his channel.

And let’s not forget his conversation with Anna, and how he treated her. Anna, being the mother of this poor ‘vulnerable young man’ that JSO describes:



Next, we’ll listen to how he claims that re-posting a public obituary is such a disgusting thing to do. The clip starts when somebody mentions IP’s name:

The post he is referring to is this one:


Now, take a look at that post, then listen to his ‘good friend’ Michelle Stacy (aka Theresa Martinez), the woman who on this same cast, Stevie described as, and i quote ” just somebody who says it like it is” when questioned on why so many people hate her.

As you can hear, she’s quite proud of posting a dead mothers picture in a troll site. What did the caster do to deserve this? Allegedly typing ‘lol’ in a cast on VaughnLive.


But then, she is asked if she was responsible for the Photoshopping of a penis being inserted into the corpse.

“when you go after my kids”…hang on, didn’t she just say that SHE was ghosting Shawnio’s cast and allegedly saw this woman type ‘lol’ to a comment that Shawnio allegedly made?

And that is ‘going after her kid’ according to Theresa, and therefore validates making pornographic images of a corpse.

And this is a person Stevie claims “just says it as it is”.

Will he ever condemn Terri for publicly mocking a dead relative?

Will he f*ck lol.

Can you imagine the outcry if we Photoshopped a penis inside Caine’s dead mothers mouth?

JSO would be doing daily casts on it, correctly stating how sick it is.

But Terri doesn’t like IP, so whatever she does or says is “just saying it how it is”.

When it comes to hypocrisy, nobody does it quite like Stephen Orr!








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  1. The Inn Keeper

    JSO tries to paint this perfect image of himself, shame we all know him for The Hypocrite he rearly is. JSO you have smoked to many and took to many drugs you are not of sound mind

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