SexyChris: Missing Bacon And Unwanted Visitors

First off, i have to apologise. No, i didn’t steal Chris’ bacon, nor was i his unwanted visitor. But, i did have a visitor myself and to say a few gallons of alcohol were consumed would be putting it lightly.

So the fact i pressed record and then left for an hour or so,  therefore leaving the first video being more of an audio video thanks to Twitch and their ‘just f*ckin sign up’ logo, is to be solely blamed on the devil drink.

But it wasn’t just his missing bacon that had Chris riled up. Oh no, when the weekly gas service was due (or wasn’t in this case) Chris decided enough was enough, and he was phoning his way into a meltdown.

I’ve mentioned this before. Count the time Chris is supposedly crying, and then imagine you being able to be in tears, for that length of time, and never have to wipe a tear away?

It’s impossible. The natural human reaction to crying is to wipe your eyes. Funny how Chris never has that problem eh?